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Event types

Strolling Shows

Having a cocktail party or hosting a hospitality suite? "Close-up" magic or magic that is more intimate is a great way to entertain small groups of people whether standing or sitting around a table. When the magic is performed "right under their nose" it has a deeper impact on the audience. This is very effective for getting your message across and saying thank you to a prospective client or your company.

Stand up and stage shows

When you are in need of someone to represent your company (trade shows, vendor's fairs and product kickoffs) or to entertain your company (luncheons, award ceremonies, holiday parties and fundraisers) all at once, Hawaii Convention Magician, Dave Johnson is the right choice. The Department of Defense describes Dave's show as "a perfect mix of magic, mentalism, patience, and humor." Whether your audience is 15 or 1500, Dave Johnson will make your company look even more amazing than it already is.

European style magic show

This is the most unique type of performance to have at an event. At the European style magic show, the guests are brought into another part of the venue and shown magic that is done up close. This creates a "mini theatre" type of effect with several shows throughout the event and up to about twenty audience members per show. The European style magic show is only done for events that can accommodate this type of a set up. This can be in another room or a sectioned off part of the venue.